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Shipping Service

When you register with us, you obtain a china shipping address with which you can shop at China websites, even if they do not support international delivery.

When the goods arrived to the eeeway address, please provide the tracking number to eeeway.com

When we received you parcels, your parcels will be consolidated, we will inform you the weight and the fee of the parcels. After we receive your payment, eeeway.com will ship it to you。

Procedure of the Shipping Service

1. Sign In

Press sign in

2. Filling your registed email address and password

3. Enter New parcel and submit your tracking number

4. Filling the tracking number, select the name of your courier and filling your item description, then press "Add"

5. Press "New Recipient"

6. Filling the recipient's name, address and contact number, then press "Add"

7. Go to "Manage Parcels"

Step: 1

Step: 2

Step: 3

Step: 4

Step: 5

8. Tick the shipping items and select recipient, press "Ship Selected". Then, choosing the Shipping Method at the summary page and click submit to complete the submission

9. After all, you can go to "Track Shipments" to check the weight, tracking number and the fee of you shipment. Or you can go to "Submitted Parcels" to check the status